Sunday, July 6, 2014

MWOI: Weekend in the woods

Today, not my week on Instagram but my WEEKEND on Instagram. This weekend we (just Ben and I, no kids) stayed in a gorgeous cottage in the woods near the town of Apeldoorn. For more info about where we stayed: 
Everthing was perfect this weekend: the cottage is very well decorated and I like that :), the breakfast was fab and the beds good for sleeping in. We spent Friday afternoon in town, we ran through the beautiful woods. We had a great dinner outside in the garden at the Echoput, we went to the spa in Emst (Veluwse Bron) in the evening we watched the quarter finals at friends closeby. I am so so happy that we won, so more to come! Today we visisted Paleis 't Loo for the Grace Kelly exhibition and zoefff home to the kids, because how wonderful it all was, I missed them! X

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