Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My week on Instagram #1 2014

A new year, a new start with my week on Instagram. Nothing changed really. I decided to start with #1 again. Kate is 1 year old now, that must have been the biggest happening. We had a quiet New Years Eve, with my mum who was over from South Africa. I started to get back in my work schedule, I presented an Interior Plan for a beautiful house near Rotterdam and we started with the #Sale in our shop. Our Au pair came back from her holidays (with LOTS of presents) and the kids are back at school since yesterday. And last but certainly not least I started running again! I love it, almost forgot about the fact that I like it so much. Tonight I am even going to bootcamp with some mums from school. 
I really, really like the start of a new year, especially when the weather is as mild as it is now. Enjoy your week! XX

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  1. Wat een schattig popje is Kate, lief. Je bent het jaar sportief begonnen zeg. Leuk dat je er plezier aan beleeft dan is het het beste vol te houden! Best wel weer oké vind ik om weer terug te zijn in het normale ritme. Succes vanavond met je bootcamp! Pascale x