Monday, December 23, 2013

My week on Instagram #19

Last week before the Christmas Holidays. I was prety well prepared so not too much stress, I have to say. Going away for Christmas was something I wished for for a while but didn't happen for a long time. Due to several things, for example, Kates' arrival almost one year ago :)
What a great decision to go away this year though and what a good idea to look on Bijzonder Plekje to find this magical place. It is perfect. In a beautiful environment and only an half hour away from Maastricht. Exactly what we are looking for. It was also nice to "escape" are own house as the building works for a huge new built in closet will continue coming week, to be finished the end of the week, so exciting! 
Somewhere between Christmas and New Year "Mijn Moment 2014" will go live. I will let you know when. Mijn Moment is an initiative from Henk-Jan Winkeldermaat of Punk Media. He asks around 200 bloggers every year to write down their "moment" of the last year. This can be an emotional, private, happy, exciting, big moment. Anything what felt like your most important moment. Between Christmas and New Year every hour a new moment goes live. 

I wish you all smashing Christmas days, with lots of love from your dear ones! xxxx


  1. Hoi Femke,

    Het ziet er heel geweldig uit en ben benieuwd naar wat je allemaal gaat doen in 2014 !
    Fijne Kerst met je fam en ik het nieuwe jaar kom ik echt een keer naar je toe ☺

    X Coosje haha....

  2. He Femke!
    Ziet er weer prachtig uit je foto's! Hele fijne dagen met je familie toegewenst!

    liefs Aggy

  3. Waauw wat een sfeervolle foto's! Ziet er super uit, fijne kerst alvast! Xx

  4. Hoi Femke, wat leuk! Dank je wel voor de vermelding van Bijzonder Plekje :-)